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NFL Power Rankings- Week 5

32. (32) New York Jets (0-5)

Are any Jets fans excited about former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco starting this week?

31. (31) New York Giants (0-5)

They played their best game against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

30. (30) Washington Football Team (1-4)

It was refreshing to see Alex Smith back on the field.

29. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)

The problem is not the quarterback.

28. (29) Denver Broncos (1-3)

This team just needs to get healthy.

27. (26) Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1)

They need to focus on the offensive line or Burrow is going to end up like Andrew Luck.

26. (23) Atlanta Falcons (0-5)

Falcons have moved on from Dan Quinn.

25. (25) Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1)

Carson Wentz deserves so much better.

24. (22) Minnesota Vikings (1-4)

A field goal would’ve secures a 2-3 record.

23. (24) Houston Texans (1-4)

It’s a shame that Watson’s talents are being wasted on such a disorganized organization.

22. (21) Detroit Lions (1-3)

They didn’t lose, so it was a good week for Lions fans.

21. (19) Los Angeles Chargers (1-4)

Despite the terrible start, Herbert is the real deal.

20. (27) Miami Dolphins (2-3)

They live and die with Fitzpatrick’s level of play. I hope Tua is paying attention.

19. (20) Dallas Cowboys (2-3)

Dak’s injury was heartbreaking.

18. (15) San Francisco 49ers (2-3)

Jimmy G wasn’t ready.

17. (18) Carolina Panthers (3-2)

Bridgewater is not as flashy as Newton, but he’s more consistent.

16. (13) Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

I wonder if the Colts should just go all in on Jacob Eason. Rivers looks cooked,

15. (16) Chicago Bears (4-1)

The worst 4-1 team in recent memory.

14. (14) Arizona Cardinals (3-2)

They’re not ready for the Seahawks and Rams.

13. (17) Las Vegas Raiders (3-2)

The Raiders beating the Chiefs in KC is huge.

12. (12) Cleveland Browns (4-1)

Despite the strong start, they’re still the third best team in their division.

11. (7) Tampa Buccaneers (3-2)

Brady had a Joe Biden moment last week.

10. (10) New England Patriots (2-2)

We haven’t yet seen this team’s full potential yet.

9. (11) New Orleans Saints (3-2)

They’re squeezing out wins right now without Michael Thomas.

8. (5) Buffalo Bills (4-1)

The Bills were thrown back to Earth by the Titans.

7. (9) Los Angeles Rams (4-1)

When Jared Goff doesn’t make mistakes, the Rams are pretty good.

6. (8) Tennessee Titans (4-0)

They are taking over the AFC South.

5. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0)

The Steelers and Ravens rivalry will decide the AFC North.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

Lamar must remain healthy in order to stave off those pesky Steelers.

3. (1) Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

Despite the unexpected loss, they are still the Super Bowl favorites.

2. (2) Seattle Seahawks (5-0)

They have struggled to win games they should’ve easily won.

  1. (3) Green Bay Packers (5-0)

Rodgers has been nearly flawless thus far.

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